Capitol Federal, Good Samaritan Heroes

Kelley Riegle and Louise Thomason

In July, Kelley Riegle and Louise Thomason began to notice the sound of a smoke alarm from the house next door. Kelley ran to the home to check on occupants as Louise called 911. The two women were aware there were children in the home most of the time. Kelley went to the front door, but could not get it open. As she made her way to the back door, she could hear the children calling for help and saying they could not get out. Kelley worked the door open and the three children rushed to her from inside the smoke-filled home. As emergency responders arrived on the scene, Kelley and Louise handed the children over to crews and family members.


It was determined that fire initially involved the clothing of the 6-year-old and spread to the contents of the bedroom, placing all three children in extreme danger. Two of the children, ages 6 and 7, were transported to Via Christi St. Francis for injuries, including severe burns suffered by the 6-year-old.


This fire was a tragedy that included the death of the severely injured 6-year-old girl. Undoubtedly, the quick actions of Kelley and Louise were key in preventing this tragic event from progressing even further. Without their quick thinking and actions, it is very likely the 4 and 7-year-old children would have suffered significant injuries, and perhaps even perished in the fire.